What can you expect from this blog?  Another diet?  More eat this not that information?

No. This blog is less about what you eat and more about why you eat. It’s basic tools to help you change outcomes that do not serve you for results that do serve you.

“We are always getting ready to live, but never living.—But the work of self-improvement, always under our nose, nearer than the nearest, is seldom engaged in.   A few, few hours in the longest life.”      —Ralph Waldo Emerson

This blog reflects my beliefs that we are facilitators of our own lives and have innate resources  and power to self-actualize our dreams.  Success is created.

And if you want methods to create your success, you will get that here, and lots more from books, programs, and masterminds I will recommend from time to time.  But it’s always up to you to own the life you have, to take the burden off  “having willpower”  to having a plan with deliberate action steps to create habits that serve you.

You can change your focus from diets to lifestyle, from relief outside you to success inside you because you want to do right things for yourself.  You want to respect and  love the only life you have and the only body you have and you can rise to your leadership role as CEO of your own life.

This is my blog,  free of the diet hype and magical promises,  except for the promise of you and finding yourself in all your glory!

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