About Rosemary Hershey

I am a successful business woman, having worked over 35 years in the corporate world managing people, departments and budgets; and as an entrepreneur having owned  3 business ventures, including  my former weight management program for women.

My latest venture, Hershey Publications is located in Northern California, where I reside:

Hershey Publications

1290 Bayshore Highway Ste 162

Burlingame Ca 94010

tel.  650 340-8835     M-F   10a  -6p  PST

I wrote and published  “Diet-Bailout” for women because the strategic approach to managing weight worked for me and still does.  It’s about rewiring your lifestyle for every day living, not just about going on a diet when you get to crisis mode and going off it when the weight comes off.

What good is losing weight, if you gain it back?  And you do unless you change your habits.    And that takes a strategy so when you lose it, you don’t regain it.

I believe every woman would benefit from the idea that she is in her own business and it’s the business of  living her life successfully.  That mindset can easily embrace the tactics  in a business plan which helps define and refine one’s lifestyle with form, function and accountability.

It’s  a system of  blueprints tailored to weight management challenges and it works if you work the system.  Change is a process and the right tools, ideas and tactics will support you to stay on track.

Women over 40 know from experience, there is no magic, no easy, fast fix to changing habits that keep you fat.  But there is a process that works. A process that puts you in the driver’s seat of your life to make better choices and create better results.

Try the information out for free. Download your free chapter simply by clicking the box on the right side of the page.  Read the posts inside this blog.  Tell what you think.  I want to hear from you.

Would you like to know the diet secrets of the world’s most satisfied, most knowledgeable, and most respected women?

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